University Dormitories should have Coffee maker

University education is fun and exciting but demanding too. Coffee maker for a hot or cold beverage with a yummy, yummy snack comes in handy for a complete meal. Time is a challenge for the university students, the schedule which involves moving from one lecture room to the other as well as create time to do research in the library give no room to sit and prepare a meal, yet food is a basic need to give them the required energy for the task ahead.

Why a coffee maker?

Saves time

University students love a kitchen appliance which takes minimum time in preparation of a beverage. In fact, coffee comes in handy because of the health benefits. The fact that it stimulates the production of hormones which ignites the enhancement of the central nervous system makes it a perfect beverage for the students.


Space is also a limitation in the university hostels. A communal coffee maker gives them ample space to read and allow privacy for roommates who may not be interested in making coffee. Do you want to make coffee? Go to the common room and make one, put in a flask and enjoy the drink at the comfort of the hostel. In addition, you save money for every student to have a personal coffee maker which increases electricity bills which is also a risk factor due to cases of electric faults.

Automated features

You don’t have to spend time preparing coffee, all you need is to put the right flavors and quantities for the kitchen appliance to prepare the meal. As a student, you might get engrossed in a group discussion to an extent you forget that you were preparing coffee. We know how important coffee is in a student’s life especially if we need to stay the whole night reviewing the lessons. Hey! Never worry, the timer will automatically switch off itself and the thermostat will maintain the temperature of the coffee even if you come six hours later.

Diverse flavors

The university is a community; you expect different tastes according to races and interests. It is an exercise in futility to have a coffee maker which will not meet this demand. A coffee maker had no limitations; it can make any type of coffee drink as long as you put the right quantity hence an appropriate kitchen tool ideal for all. Imagine of different coffee makers to meet all the students’ taste- of course, it becomes a cluttered and crowded common room.

Saves on cost

The management of the university provides a coffee maker for the students to reduce the cost of the electricity bills. Furthermore, an automated espresso machine( has the capacity to handle massive coffee brewing with minimal damage as long as they buy one for commercial purpose. In case, they wish to have a kitchen for every student than the cost of building the hostel is not commercially viable.

The physical and health benefits of coffee make coffee maker must-have kitchen equipment in the university dormitories. The appliance helps to make a drink with the right amount of calories which make them sober to be alert in class and grasp all the concepts from the lectures.

Writen by Chestnut