Most Recommended All Nighter Hacks for Dormers

Life in college is very different from that of living with parents back at home. Many college freshmen discover that their experience in university shapes up to be very different from what they anticipated. College life is so different from anything most people will ever experience that it is difficult, if not impossible, to enumerate all the differences and details that set it apart.

Most people must have heard of or seen what college parties are like. This aspect of college is an image which is popularly played over and over by the media. Many popular TV shows and movies feature parties that usually take place in a dormitory. It is presented front and center as the main backdrop. The parties are often portrayed as wild events where there are many crazy things happening all around. The students at these parties are very often shown to be completely uninhibited and out of control. Indeed, popular representations of college show it to be a fun, once in a lifetime experience.

What the media conveniently forgets to leave out, however, is that college is about more than just the parties. Many forget that the first and foremost purpose of a college is to be an institution that imparts knowledge and skills to its students. A university is a place where people go to learn in-depth about the topics and industries which interest them.

How much a student has learned is commonly evaluated by administering tests. Very often, students neglect to prepare adequately for a test well in advance and thus, need to cover most of their syllabus in the days before the exam. In especially bad cases, students have to attempt to complete their syllabus within the timespan of a single night.

Needless to say, pulling off an all-nighter to study can be quite tiring. After a few hours past bedtime, it becomes especially difficult to remain awake. It is quite a difficult task to stay awake an entire night while doing something which is mentally exhausting. It is no surprise that many students fall to the temptation of going to sleep, neglecting to study adequately for their test.

Therefore, anyone planning to stay up all night to study needs to consider the possibility that they will feel tired and sleepy and want to go to bed. They’ll have to prepare for this scenario in advance so that they’ll know what to do when it happens.

While there are many great ways to beat sleep such as by splashing one’s face with cold water or taking a short 5-minute nap, nothing is more effective at beating sleep than a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee can pull a person out of his slumber right away.

Coffee contains a component called caffeine which is responsible for coffee’s ability to boost alertness. Though caffeine is also found in chocolate, its quantity per portion in coffee is much higher. This means that coffee can promote awakeness while chocolate cannot. A common concern regarding the viability of coffee comes from pregnant women. They ask, “can you drink coffee pregnant?” The answer to this is a complete yes! Coffee consumption causes no problems in a pregnant woman or her future child.