Dorm Cooking Hacks for Students

You are in a situation where you just have to stay in a dormitory as a place of residence. You may be a student or not. Every dorm has a set of rules, there are some which do not allow cooking, instead, they provide an excellent list of choices of meals. Others, on the other hand, allow students to just cook for themselves. If it is the latter, then you must be someone who knows how to plan such that you can cook, read and also attend your classes or do other chores. What are some of the five best student cooking hacks which might come in handy for this?

1. Cook and freeze
Cooking is not a hobby for all. Some people are naturally lazy when it comes to cooking or too busy to cook and there is nothing substantial that can be done. In this case, you just have to take your time and just cook a lot of food and place it in the freezer so you can just warm it when you want to eat. This hack comes in handy to save time and fuel. It is an ideal virtue which allows you to have all the ample time to read and concentrate on your studies or other things you have to do.

2. Invest in cheaper and efficient cooking appliances
When you have fuel efficient and faster cooking appliances, you will find cooking fun, exciting and convenient. It will give you time to work on other things. If you have a fridge, a microwave, a rice cooker and a portable oven than you only need a few minutes to fix a meal. This can also save you money on fast food meals.

3. Have a plan and a working schedule
You have your timetable for the whole semester. You know how long it takes you to be in a lecture hall and also to change from one class to the other. You also know how much time it takes to prepare a meal. Why not use the free time to prepare a meal? At the same time, you also know that you have other dorm chores to handle.

4. Buy food in bulk
Have you started cooking and just noticed that you miss an important vegetable for your meal? Did you experience thinking where the grocery store is located near your dorm and you just knew then decided that you would rather sleep hungry? Avoid such scenarios by just buying all the grocery in bulk so that you just have to allot a specific day for all your grocery shopping.

5. Cook in turns
In most cases, space is a challenge unless you are in a dormitory where you have a specific cooking area. In this case, you might agree and share resources for shopping and even take turns in cooking. This will be better and for the students who find cooking such a cumbersome task.

The bottom line to enjoy cooking in a dormitory you just have to plan your time and also work with the policy that governs that residential area. Flexibility is also paramount in this case.