Most Recommended All Nighter Hacks for Dormers

Life in college is very different from that of living with parents back at home. Many college freshmen discover that their experience in university shapes up to be very different from what they anticipated. College life is so different from anything most people will ever experience that it is difficult, if not impossible, to enumerate all the differences and details that set it apart.

Most people must have heard of or seen what college parties are like. This aspect of college is an image which is popularly played over and over by the media. Many popular TV shows and movies feature parties that usually take place in a dormitory. It is presented front and center as the main backdrop. The parties are often portrayed as wild events where there are many crazy things happening all around. The students at these parties are very often shown to be completely uninhibited and out of control. Indeed, popular representations of college show it to be a fun, once in a lifetime experience.

What the media conveniently forgets to leave out, however, is that college is about more than just the parties. Many forget that the first and foremost purpose of a college is to be an institution that imparts knowledge and skills to its students. A university is a place where people go to learn in-depth about the topics and industries which interest them.

How much a student has learned is commonly evaluated by administering tests. Very often, students neglect to prepare adequately for a test well in advance and thus, need to cover most of their syllabus in the days before the exam. In especially bad cases, students have to attempt to complete their syllabus within the timespan of a single night.

Needless to say, pulling off an all-nighter to study can be quite tiring. After a few hours past bedtime, it becomes especially difficult to remain awake. It is quite a difficult task to stay awake an entire night while doing something which is mentally exhausting. It is no surprise that many students fall to the temptation of going to sleep, neglecting to study adequately for their test.

Therefore, anyone planning to stay up all night to study needs to consider the possibility that they will feel tired and sleepy and want to go to bed. They’ll have to prepare for this scenario in advance so that they’ll know what to do when it happens.

While there are many great ways to beat sleep such as by splashing one’s face with cold water or taking a short 5-minute nap, nothing is more effective at beating sleep than a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee can pull a person out of his slumber right away.

Coffee contains a component called caffeine which is responsible for coffee’s ability to boost alertness. Though caffeine is also found in chocolate, its quantity per portion in coffee is much higher. This means that coffee can promote awakeness while chocolate cannot. A common concern regarding the viability of coffee comes from pregnant women. They ask, “can you drink coffee pregnant?” The answer to this is a complete yes! Coffee consumption causes no problems in a pregnant woman or her future child.

Dorm Cooking Hacks for Students

You are in a situation where you just have to stay in a dormitory as a place of residence. You may be a student or not. Every dorm has a set of rules, there are some which do not allow cooking, instead, they provide an excellent list of choices of meals. Others, on the other hand, allow students to just cook for themselves. If it is the latter, then you must be someone who knows how to plan such that you can cook, read and also attend your classes or do other chores. What are some of the five best student cooking hacks which might come in handy for this?

1. Cook and freeze
Cooking is not a hobby for all. Some people are naturally lazy when it comes to cooking or too busy to cook and there is nothing substantial that can be done. In this case, you just have to take your time and just cook a lot of food and place it in the freezer so you can just warm it when you want to eat. This hack comes in handy to save time and fuel. It is an ideal virtue which allows you to have all the ample time to read and concentrate on your studies or other things you have to do.

2. Invest in cheaper and efficient cooking appliances
When you have fuel efficient and faster cooking appliances, you will find cooking fun, exciting and convenient. It will give you time to work on other things. If you have a fridge, a microwave, a rice cooker and a portable oven than you only need a few minutes to fix a meal. This can also save you money on fast food meals.

3. Have a plan and a working schedule
You have your timetable for the whole semester. You know how long it takes you to be in a lecture hall and also to change from one class to the other. You also know how much time it takes to prepare a meal. Why not use the free time to prepare a meal? At the same time, you also know that you have other dorm chores to handle.

4. Buy food in bulk
Have you started cooking and just noticed that you miss an important vegetable for your meal? Did you experience thinking where the grocery store is located near your dorm and you just knew then decided that you would rather sleep hungry? Avoid such scenarios by just buying all the grocery in bulk so that you just have to allot a specific day for all your grocery shopping.

5. Cook in turns
In most cases, space is a challenge unless you are in a dormitory where you have a specific cooking area. In this case, you might agree and share resources for shopping and even take turns in cooking. This will be better and for the students who find cooking such a cumbersome task.

The bottom line to enjoy cooking in a dormitory you just have to plan your time and also work with the policy that governs that residential area. Flexibility is also paramount in this case.

Things to Prepare Before Moving Into a Dorm

If you are an adventurous person at one point you will find yourself staying in a dormitory. It could be you are studying or you have just gone for a vacation. Whichever the case, you will just have to make an effort and just put things in order before you make such a move. Before you make a point of moving to such places you must ask your self the following questions: How is it going to affect my health? How long will I stay in this place? What are the legal obligations that I must fulfill? Where will I go for a health check-up just in case of emergency so I have all the necessities for my stay?

Before anything else, you will have to arrange the lease agreement with the dormitory which might sign online or personally with any alternatives to Legal Zoom. If you are going for a longer period, of course, you must have to carry enough clothes which will last during your whole stay at the dorm. It is just clothing but you must make sure that they match with the culture of the people so that you do not look odd. In some countries, especially the Muslim culture they are particular about dressing and you have no option but to adjust. ” When you go to me you have to do what Romans do”

Just in case you have an underlying medical condition, you must ensure you have the necessary medication during the period before you can access them in the host country. There are things you must inquire such that in case the medicines you need are out of stock they can order for you on time without compromising on your health. This is one of the reasons why you have to go through a medical checkup to ascertain your health status before making a point to opt for a residential stay in a dormitory. You will also have to inquire about any charges and in case you have a medical insurer just ascertain that it is valid in that country. If not make prior arrangements.

Every country has its own rules, you must ascertain your self of what is expected of you as far as your conduct is concerned. Within the dormitory, you must also be familiar with the rules that govern the dormitory. Before you sign the binding document read between the lines and be sure of what you are getting your self into.

Apart from the basic needs, you will also need some accessories which might look like a luxury but they are a must-have. You are going to a new country, of course, it is adventurous. You must have a digital camera, to capture all the exciting features. What if a map or a locator which will give you directions and other relevant information like weather to aid your stay. You must also communicate with the people you left back at home. This is where a smartphone will be the best asset since you can communicate and also download various accessories which will help you manage your stay. Moving into a dorm is a fulfilling experience but you have to make sure that you are ready for it to be a great experience for you.

School dorm ping pong table

Students in boarding school should also have fun during their free time. It is no just a matter of having fun but also engages in an activity which also enhances their brain development. Table tennis is an ideal game to achieve this. Why is Ping pong good in a schools dorm?

This is a brain game which helps to improve the cognitive development of the children. The children have spent the better part of the day sitting and taking notes. The brain needs to rest at the same time, they need to carry out some physical exercise to have a holistic lifestyle in school.

What do you need to allow children to play ping pong?

You cannot play ping pong game without a ping pong table. The school administration must make sure they purchase a standard ping pong equipment to set an international standard for the students. You never know, the simple game played during break times may be an eye-opener for a child to explore their potential.

It should be a game played under the guidance of a coach for quality practices. Not all children have the opportunity to perform well in their academic work. Who knows, maybe ping pong is the area in which a student might be successful. If a school decides to engage their students in the game; let them look at it from an international perspective. Some of the skills are nurtured through constant practice.

Where should the school place the ping pong table?

Most of the dormitories have common rooms within the hostels. This is a physical game which can be played at any time of the day or night. Players also enjoy the game when their fellow students also cheer them. It motivates them to play the game to their potential.

The ping pong room must be spacious enough to accommodate many tables as well as spectators. The school must not limit the number of students playing the game. Invest in the game and you will have prosperous students with creative skills. There should be in a specific location accessible to all students at any time with no restrictions.

The game is addictive; ensure you have rules to govern the time to play the games. The room must have good aeration in as much as it is an indoor game.

Who fits a ping pong game in a school?

All the children have an equal chance of playing the game. Unless you have a doctor’s notice never to engage in such physical activity, it is a workout game. Supplement the fun times by purchasing ping pong table( It helps to reduce the time students spend to watch a movie which can be detrimental to their health.

Ping pong table is a worthy investment in a school set up. It makes students active as well as enhances their critical thinking ability ideal for their school performance. Engage students in this brain game to improve the quality of their studies as well as give them a chance to explore various skills.

University Dormitories should have Coffee maker

University education is fun and exciting but demanding too. Coffee maker for a hot or cold beverage with a yummy, yummy snack comes in handy for a complete meal. Time is a challenge for the university students, the schedule which involves moving from one lecture room to the other as well as create time to do research in the library give no room to sit and prepare a meal, yet food is a basic need to give them the required energy for the task ahead.

Why a coffee maker?

Saves time

University students love a kitchen appliance which takes minimum time in preparation of a beverage. In fact, coffee comes in handy because of the health benefits. The fact that it stimulates the production of hormones which ignites the enhancement of the central nervous system makes it a perfect beverage for the students.


Space is also a limitation in the university hostels. A communal coffee maker gives them ample space to read and allow privacy for roommates who may not be interested in making coffee. Do you want to make coffee? Go to the common room and make one, put in a flask and enjoy the drink at the comfort of the hostel. In addition, you save money for every student to have a personal coffee maker which increases electricity bills which is also a risk factor due to cases of electric faults.

Automated features

You don’t have to spend time preparing coffee, all you need is to put the right flavors and quantities for the kitchen appliance to prepare the meal. As a student, you might get engrossed in a group discussion to an extent you forget that you were preparing coffee. We know how important coffee is in a student’s life especially if we need to stay the whole night reviewing the lessons. Hey! Never worry, the timer will automatically switch off itself and the thermostat will maintain the temperature of the coffee even if you come six hours later.

Diverse flavors

The university is a community; you expect different tastes according to races and interests. It is an exercise in futility to have a coffee maker which will not meet this demand. A coffee maker had no limitations; it can make any type of coffee drink as long as you put the right quantity hence an appropriate kitchen tool ideal for all. Imagine of different coffee makers to meet all the students’ taste- of course, it becomes a cluttered and crowded common room.

Saves on cost

The management of the university provides a coffee maker for the students to reduce the cost of the electricity bills. Furthermore, an automated espresso machine( has the capacity to handle massive coffee brewing with minimal damage as long as they buy one for commercial purpose. In case, they wish to have a kitchen for every student than the cost of building the hostel is not commercially viable.

The physical and health benefits of coffee make coffee maker must-have kitchen equipment in the university dormitories. The appliance helps to make a drink with the right amount of calories which make them sober to be alert in class and grasp all the concepts from the lectures.